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Drone Operators In Miami

Miami drone crews for feature film, Television, and live broadcasting.



Precision Aerial Filmworks provides complete local drone crews in the Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County areas.  We have extensive experience working on some of the largest local 600 and non-union film sets in Florida.
We are the most experienced professional drone service company in the State of Florida.


what we provide

We are a self-contained complete local drone crew. We provide highly experienced FAA Certified Part 107 drone pilots and industry-leading drone aerial camera operators, all FAA compliance work, $5M in aviation liability insurance, and all equipment needed for the shoot. We also provide additional crew as needed including a drone tech, gimbal tech, visual observer/safety officer, and production assistant.

Equipment will include the aircraft, gimbal, control system, batteries, charger, FIZ control, VTX, director's monitor, production cart, and essentials. We can provide in-house ARRI, RED, or Sony cameras and lens packages upon request.

Our Clients

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