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Aerial Drone in Miami

Drone Miami

Precision Aerial Filmworks is a drone company in Miami, Florida that provides cinema quality stabilized camera movement. In the beginning we used remote controlled collective pitch helicopters with hard mounted cameras. The footage was shaky as you would imagine.

Drones Miami


Drones in Miami

It wasn’t long before the addition of a secondary radio controller was introduced allowing the pilot to concentrate on flying while a second person, the camera operator, independent of the aircraft control was free to frame the shot, and with this true unmanned aerial cinematography was born!

Miami Drone Camera Movement

It takes time as a team to achieve the seamless shots that you see on TV and in Feature films. Over time a symbiotic relationship develops that allows the camera op to communicate what he needs from the Pilot. Precision Aerial Filmworks provides fluent communication  through all of our professional drone services in Miami, including cinema quality stabilized camera movement for video productions as well as drone photography services in Miami, Florida!

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One of the oldest and most trusted aerial companies in the country. Truly the pioneers in the industry setting the standard by which all others strive to reach!

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