Kieth Colodny | Lead Cinematographer

precision aerial filmworks mobile team

keith Colodny SOC

President / Lead Cinematographer

Keith Colodny’s Drone Cinematography Work

Keith founded P.A.F. in 2010 with a vision of capturing dramatic aerial images easier and more accessible than ever thought possible.

Keith is a Badass

Todd Tucker | Chief Pilot | Precision Aerial Filmworks
Todd Tucker

Vice President / Chief Pilot

Todd Tucker | Drone Camera Operator Work

With more than 25 years experienced as a pilot, Todd has the skill to bring your vision to life.

Todd is a Badass.

Kristy Foster | Pilot | Precision Aerial Filmworks
kristy foster


Kristy is a licensed fixed wing pilot as well as an experienced remote pilot. She has the skill and technical expertise to complement our camera ops shots. Kristy is a Badass.

FAA Certified Remote Pilot Work From Kristy Foster
 Darold Fulton | Production Assistant | Precision Aerial Filmworks
darold fulton

Production Assistant

Darold is an accomplished photographer and takes care of most of our BTS, as well as making sure everything runs smoothly on set. Darold is a Badass.

Film Production Work By Darold Fulton
Doug Bell | Pilot | Precision Aerial Filmworks
doug Bell


Remote Piloting Work By Doug Bell

Doug is a licensed fixed wing pilot as well as an experienced remote pilot. He has the unique style sought after by directors and DP’s. Doug is a Badass.

Adam Kaplan | Production Partner | Precision Aerial Filmworks


Adam is our production partner. Adam is a media and content producer who specializes in documenting live events consisting of music festivals, tours and concerts.  Adam is an Ass.

Production Work By Adam Kaplan
Seth Zaluski | Cinematographer | Precision Aerial Filmworks

Seth Zaluski – Cinematographer

Aerial Cinematography Work By Seth Zaluski

Seth specializes in extreme sports videography, lifestyle productions and commercial ads. Seth’s experience as a full-scale helicopter pilot compliments the team perfectly! Seth is a Badass.

Andrew Colton | Cinematographer | Precision Aerial Filmworks
Andrew Colton


Cinematography Work By Andrew Colton

Andrew specializes in music videos and scripted content. His artistic vision shines through in all his work! Once again, a Badass.

Tracy Colodny | Production Manager | Precision Aerial Filmworks

Production Manager

Tracy has a rich history in people management and heads up client relations.  Tracy is a Badass.

Tracy Colodny | Production Work