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How'd they do that?

Have you ever watched a movie, show or commercial and wondered how they did that?

Our professional drone teams work directly with directors and visual effects supervisors on set to capture exactly what they need to create their vision in the final product.

Working together, our drone pilots put the drone at the right altitude, attitude and speed to match the VFX storyboards, while our camera operators work with the director of photography and VFX artists to match camera settings, camera angle, and camera movement, to produce usable footage for post production.

Once the footage is processed by the VFX house magic happens! Dragon statues come to life and parking lots are turned into a magical forest!

Notice in the video how important the real camera movement is to the animation of the dragon. Exact positioning is key to the final product and requires expert piloting skills and articulate camera movement. This is accomplished with a symbiotic relationship between the drone pilot and drone camera operator. Our drone teams have put in thousands of flight hours working together for years to accomplish this.

Precision Aerial Filmworks is a small group of experts in their field that work together all the time. We never hire subcontractors that we have not trained and worked with on set.

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