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Is this the Future? Drone Delivery!

The world has been abuzz lately with all the new awesome ways drones can positively affect our world. From saving drowning swimmers to aiding firemen and police in search and rescue it has become clear a drone in the right hands can do a lot of good. So, are we ready for the world of Drone Delivery?

In early 2019 the University of Maryland successfully completed a test flight delivering a kidney to a patient, showing the world how drones can help the medical industry in delivering time sensitive medical organs faster and with less interference. Only a few months later UPS has partnered with Wake Med Hospital in North Carolina and is claiming 1,500 successful drone flights designed for prescription deliveries. Just this week UPS continues to lead the charge and has partnered with Matternet and CVS to successfully deliver prescription medicine to a customer’s doorstep after which the drone (A Matternet M2 Drone) continued its flight onward to deliver medicine to a nursing home. The flight was performed autonomously but was monitored by a remote operator who was able to take over if the drone experienced any difficulties.

So, there is no doubt the world has room for drones to assist us in delivering precious medical cargo, but what about everything else? How will things look when the big boys such as Amazon and Whole foods enter the live market of consistent drone delivery to our doors? Are we finally living in the age of the Jetsons with robot maids and hover cars or will the drone delivery industry burn out under a pile of regulation and safety concerns? For all we know this could be the start of a new and innovative world of service that allows for more streamlined delivery of all the things we love, or it could be a path to more congested skies and a big country wide game of ‘Who can hit the flying piñata’ for criminals looking to take a swing at a new type of looting. Truth be told it is a little too early to tell and more than likely it will be a combination of the two. Let’s all agree this is an exciting time to be alive and agree to do our best to treat these friendly delivery drones with kindness… they could have feelings too after all! In other news…Precision Aerial Filmworks is looking for backers to help us fund our new T-shirt, Pizza and Puppy Drone delivery service, keep an eye out for more details in future Posts from our crew 😉

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