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Updated: Apr 5, 2023

It is safe to say that we have several passions and areas of expertise at Precision Aerial Filmworks. If you have taken some time to scroll through our site you will see a obvious theme, we love Film, we love Aviation and we love our clients.

So naturally we do what is necessary to deliver the best product possible every time we walk on set. In order to continue being one of the best drone crews in the market it is important that we always work hard to build a crew of experienced professionals who love every part of what we do.

Here at PAF we want the best of the best and that means knowing how to have fun while always knowing what is at stake. Having drone pilots who also fly actual airplanes means our pilots take the job of flying ours and our client’s equipment seriously. Being multi skilled and knowledgeable about aviation in general plus building a diverse crew has helped us achieve great things. In addition to our lead drone operators also being fixed wing airplane pilots, we are proud to have one of the industry’s first dual licensed female drone/fixed wing pilots on crew.

When the rest of the world was being sneaky and illegally flying drones commercially, she was busy putting herself through flight school to get her private pilot’s license and her Section 333 in order to fly legit. With the number of female licensed airplane pilots currently at only 6% of the aviation and aerospace industry and roughly only 4% in the drone industry, we love having a member of our flight crew being a woman who proudly has achieved both accomplishments. To us these actions show dedication and professionalism, plus having a woman who always has snacks and yells at us if we forget to put on SPF has its own extra perks!

So, what does all this mean for our clients? It means having a diverse and multi-talented crew allows us to see things differently and helps us stand apart from the rest. It means that while so many are out there hiring young kids to erratically fly poorly maintained equipment like it is a toy with little regard for liability, safety, and the national airspace in general, our drone pilots know the importance of flying equipment in a creative controlled way and make the right decision when it matters.

When the professional drone pilot behind the sticks on your $100,000+ camera/drone rig is also a pilot responsible for flying friends and family thousands of feet above the ground in a fixed wing airplane you can rest assured that you are in great hands. Contact Miami's best Drone company - Precision Aerial Filmworks!

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