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XM2 Tango Drone

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Precision Aerial Filmworks utilizes the XM2 Tango drone for all its heavylift operations.

This is an incredible UAV designed to lift more payload with longer flight times and do it all more safely.


Max weight: 70+ pounds (Based on local reg)

Max Speed: 60+ MPH (Based on environmental)

Flight time: 30+ Min (Based on Payload)

The Tango is designed to carry most Cinema Grade Payloads specifically RED, ARRI, Sony, Black Magic, and Canon with high end cinema grade prime lenses. Camera payloads can also be adapted to zoom and anamorphic lens packages.

The Tango can also be a lighting platform with large remotely controlled spot or flood lights as payload that can be used to illuminate a set, fill in for police helicopter search lights, or create dramatic shadowing.

The Tango incorporates redundancy into its platform for ultimate safety on set.

Six independent motors

Three Flight controllers

Three IMU’s

Three GPS Modules

Two sets of batteries

This allows for unintended failures while retaining the ability to stay in the air and ultimately fly home avoiding a crash.

The camera can be mounted under the aircraft for standard aerial cinematography, OR, on top of the aircraft for upward facing shots that inspire creativity!

The Tango has been used in almost every major motion picture produced in the last two years! Our professional Drone Operators are available to discuss specs with you anytime!

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