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At Precision Aerial Filmworks we are aerial media pros who are experienced and passionate about capturing quality aerial footage. Our pilots have extensive knowledge and experience with drones, some of our pilots even fly actual airplanes, providing a beneficial dynamic to our work.

Drones provide a perspective that cannot be easily captured from a full sized aircraft. We fly aerial drones for their size and versatility while providing cinema quality photography and cinematography that is unmatched for our clients.

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Our diverse and multi-talented crew allows us to see things differently and helps us stand apart from the rest. Our drone pilots know the importance of flying equipment in a creative controlled way and make the right decision when it matters.  At Precision Aerial Filmworks we professionally fly aerial drones, love film and have an extensive love for aviation. We do what it takes to deliver the best possible shot every time we walk on set.

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We use the Precision Aerial team for all our aerial photography and videos. They are extremely professional and deliver the highest quality work. Highly recommended!


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