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Drone Company Miami -Atlanta - Worldwide

We are a professional drone company based in Miami with teams in Atlanta and travel worldwide.

PAF utilizes the latest technology to provide cinema quality stabilized camera movement for all your production needs. In studio or on location, our Miami drone Company has you covered from ground to air!

Aerial Cinematography

Aerial Photography Services

Drone company Miami, Florida -

Specializing in Drone Cinematography

It is safe to say that we have several passions and areas of expertise at Precision Aerial Filmworks. If you have taken some time to scroll through our site you will see an obvious theme, we love Film, we love aviation and we love our clients. So naturally we do what is necessary to deliver the best product possible every time we walk on set. In order to continue being one of the best drone companies in Miami it is important that we always work hard to build a crew of experienced professionals who love every part of what we do. Here at Precision Aerial Filmworks drone company in Miami we want the best of the best and that means knowing how to have fun while always knowing what is at stake. Having drone pilots who also fly actual airplanes means our pilots take the job of flying ours and our client’s equipment seriously.

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